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AAT Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping (Level 3)

Course Overview

The AAT Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping (Level 3) is for our advanced students who have bookkeeping experience and want to progress further in their careers. With this accreditation and the material learnt, individuals can apply confidently to senior-level bookkeeping roles.

By studying this course, you will build upon previous knowledge and experience to further improve your skills in the following subjects:

  •  Double-entry bookkeeping
  •  Financial statements
  •  Intermediate level in accounting spreadsheets and software

After completing the course, you will gain AAT Bookkeeper status, allowing you to use the designatory letters AATQB after your name. Even more so, the qualification will impress employers and officially let you submit the final balance for any business, small or large.

Want to feel accomplished and receive the professional AAT Bookkeeper status, AATQB? Enrol now to get started.

This course includes the AAT subscription fee of £49.

Key features
  • Delivery Method: Online & Books
  • Exam: Available via Awarding Body
  • Tutor Support Included
  • Course Access: 12 months
  • Fully accredited course materials
  • Includes AAT subscription
  • Experience Level: Advanced
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Key features
  • Delivery Method: Online & Books
  • Exam: Available via Awarding Body
  • Tutor Support Included
  • Course Access: 12 months
  • Fully accredited course materials
  • Includes AAT subscription
  • Experience Level: Advanced
About the Course
Course Details

Is the AAT Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping suitable for me?

This course is suitable for individuals that have completed the AAT Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping (Level 2) course and want to gain further skills and knowledge to apply for senior Bookkeeping roles. 

Individuals that have not studied the AAT Bookkeeping level 2 but are keen to complete both levels cna take both courses in one package with our AAT Level 2 Certificate & Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping package. This package will be reduced compared to buying both courses individually. 

The course will be beneficial if you fit in any of the following categories:

  •  You want to become an independent bookkeeper.
  •  Interested in joining a finance team permanently.
  •  Want attention from senior staff members in your company so they consider you for promotions.
  •  Own a company and want a better knowledge of your finances.

Normal Bookkeeping roles consist of the following duties:

  •  Continue to look after subsidiary accounts by verifying, allocating, and posting transactions.
  •  Balance subsidiary accounts by reconciling entries.
  •  Update general ledger by transferring subsidiary account summaries.
  •  Balance general ledger by creating a trial balance; reconciling entries.
  •  Updating historical records by filing documents.

All delegates must meet the below criteria:

  •  Be 16 years old or above (Unless consent has been provided by a guardian or parent).
  •  Understand English.
  •  Can do basic math’s.
  •  Can use and have access to a Computer or Laptop (Mac or Windows, Mac users must have Boot Camp).

How will the AAT Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping course benefit me? 

A qualification from AAT is greatly respected throughout the accounting industry because of its high standard. Other benefits from studying with the AAT Accreditation body include:

  •  Essential Sage knowledge as it is the most used software for finance tasks by all businesses in the UK.
  •  The ability to apply for entry-level bookkeeping roles to kick-start your career.
  •  Access to an impressive network with professional around the world that can provide tips.
  •  Help progress your career with a fundamental understanding of Sage 50.
  •  Feel confident in your ability while performing tasks.

What jobs can I apply for after my AAT Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping training?

After completing this course and passing your exam, you will be eligible for AATQB status, which can be added to your official title. Furthermore, you will be allowed to receive Associate bookkeeping membership with AAT.

Possible career options:

  •    Bookkeeper - £27k
  •    Senior Bookkeeper - £31k
  •    Ledger Manager - £32k
  •    Accounts Manager - £33k   

(Source: Payscale)

Once qualified as a bookkeeper, graduates can expect to earn £16k to £32k a year. Keep in mind that salaries fluctuate depending on the company or industry. The average you can look to achieve is approximately £27k annually.

Why choose to study the AAT Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping with e-Careers?

We have developed an expert team over the last 10 years since our inception. In that time, we have trained over 595,000 delegates globally, which has helped offer the highest quality training, and we have earned a 5-star rating on Trustpilot, from over 9,000 students. 

By refining our processes, partner relationships, and course materials, we can offer high-quality training solutions for our delegates. With Tutor Support included and material essential to passing, your understanding of this area will grow.

Other benefits include:

  •  Free AAT Membership (Worth £49).
  •  Very competitive course prices.
  •  Study timetable that fits around your requirements.
  •  Learning material that includes: Interactive online course with videos, mock exams, and practice assessments.
  •  Official AAT material that includes mock exams.
  •  A learning structure designed for success.
  •  The ability to understand the basics of Sage 50 Accounts Professional software.
  •  Different payment plans available that offer interest-free choices.
  •  Choice available on Mac or Windows (Mac users are required to download Boot Camp beforehand).

Contact us today for more information about how to get enrolled. 

AAT Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping Syllabus 

The Access Award in Accounting Software course introduces main features of accounting software, as well as the risks and benefits it brings. 

Learning outcomes include being able to:

  •  Produce reports using accounting software.
  •  Setup accounts within the software.
  •  Record bank and cash transactions.
  •  Understand the benefits of accounting using software.
  •  Understand the risks of accounting using software.

AAT Course Modules 

  •  The benefits and risks of using accounting software.
  •  How to set up accounts within the software package.
  •  How to record bank & cash transactions.
  •  How to produce reports using accounting software.

AAT Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping Exam Details 

Your progress will be measured via two exams with multiple-choice questions. We’ll be here to help guide and support you along your way when the time comes to arrange your exams. 

The AAT require all students to join as a student member within 14 days of their course start date. This registration allows you to sit any necessary exams and take advantage of the support and resources available. 

Please note, exam costs are not included in the cost of this course and will cost approximately £60-85 per exam, depending on the exam centre.

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