BCS Practitioner Certificate in Modelling Business Processes - Virtual Classroom

BCS Practitioner Certificate in Modelling Business Processes - Virtual Classroom
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Modelling Business ProcessesVirtual02-12-2021 2 Days£895
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What is the Practitioner Certificate in Modelling Business Processes

The Practitioner Certificate in Modelling Business Processes enables you to better understand and learn how to use, the practical business analysis techniques, used to improve business processes, and discover ways to create new processes based on your organisation’s requirements. 

Throughout this training you will learn and understand the various types and levels of modelling Business Analyst frequently use, from organisational to more detailed and specific models.  

This course fulfils the practitioner based requirement and makes up a quarter of the modules you’re required to complete to earn your International Diploma in Business Analysis.The other modules include Practitioner Certificate in Business Analysis Practice, Practitioner Certificate in Requirement Engineering and then either the Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis or the Foundation Certificate in Commercial Awareness. 

Is this training suitable for me?

This training has been developed for individuals looking to better understand and use modelling business processes and understand how to use different analysis techniques effectively. 

If you’re currently a Business Analyst, or you want to change careers to become a Business Analysis this training would greatly benefit you, as well as to Business Managers, Business Change Managers and Project Managers. 

Why choose us to study your Business Analysis qualification

We have developed an expert team over the last 16+ years, since our inception. In that time, we have trained over 555,000 delegates globally, which has helped offer the highest quality training. 

By refining our processes, partner relationships, and course materials, we can offer the best training options, whether it’s a Classroom, Virtual Classroom, or Online via our eLearning platform.

You will also benefit from:

  •  Fast-track your learning with our 3-day Virtual Classroom
  •  Enhance your career prospects 
  •  Learn from expert trainers, with vast experience in this field
  •  We offer interest-free payment options

What job could I get with a Business Analysis Certification?

Delegates who complete this training can move into a range of job roles, like Consulting, Project Management, or Strategy Planning. We do find that delegates typically take this course to go into the following roles: 

  •  Business Analysis - £43k
  •  Business Architecture - £65k
  •  Enterprise Architecture - £92k

(Source: Glassdoor) 

Course Details, Syllabus & Exams

During this 2-day course, you will be immersed into the world of process modelling, to help you better understand how to create, model, investigate, analyse, or improve business processes in any organisation. 

Discover the context behind process modelling and understand how to use it effectively. You will also review the various levels of process modelling from the organisational view.    

Learning Outcomes 

  •  Understand the role of business process modelling in describing how an organisation carries out its internal processes; the hierarchy of process models and techniques to describe them; and why this is a key skill of the business analyst in supporting change
  •  Be able to model core business processes at an organisational level
  •  Understand how to model business processes at the process level, showing all the elements involved from triggering events to process endpoints
  •  Learn how to document and analyse tasks
  •  Use gap analysis to improve business processes 

Syllabus and Exam weighting 

  •  The Context for Business Processing Modelling – 15%
  •  The Organisational Context for Business Processes – 20%
  •  Modelling the Business Processes – 30%
  •  Documenting Tasks – 15%
  •  Improving Business Processes – 20% 

Exam Details

  •  Duration – 60 minutes
  •  Supervised – Yes (via Proctor)
  •  Open Book – No
  •  Pass Mark – 26/40
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