Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt - Virtual Classroom

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt - Virtual Classroom
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Lean Six Sigma Yellow BeltVirtual22-11-2021 2 Days£795
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What is the Lean Six Sigma Training – Yellow Belt (Virtual Classroom) course?

The Lean Six Sigma (Yellow Belt) Training Certification has been created for individuals and businesses looking to implement the Lean Six Sigma methodology within their projects and work responsibilities.

Accredited by CEPAS, (a Bureau Veritas company), Lean Six Sigma qualified candidates are in high demand as they possess valuable problem-solving skills which can help companies reach business solutions, ensure greater customer satisfaction, save costs and improve business efficiency whilst assuring quality control during the entire process.

The Lean Six Sigma methodology combines two unique approaches:

  • Lean: This involves maximising customer value and minimising the areas of waste in processes. This enhances customer satisfaction and reduces wasted resources.
  • Six Sigma: This part refers to the continued effort to reduce process and product variation through a defined project approach.
  • Together, these methodologies make up the Lean Six Sigma approach which has been proven to successfully reduce costs, improve staff morale, retain business and increase customer satisfaction within many organisations all over the world.

This two-day training course has been designed to teach you the core skills and techniques that make up the Lean Six Sigma methodology to enable you to pass the Lean Six Sigma exam and confidently implement your new-found knowledge within your organisation’s projects.

By the end of the course, you will have developed the knowledge to comfortably: 

  •    List the basic tools and principles that underlie the Lean Six Sigma improvement model
  •    Identify opportunities to improve a process
  •    Define project improvement goals
  •    Identify how to plan for and conduct data collection to uncover root causes
  •    Describe how to verify root causes of process issues
  •    List how to implement simple but effective improvement techniques and concepts
  •    Identify how to sustain the gain of process improvements 

Once you have obtained your Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification, you have the option to continue your studies and earn your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt qualifications

Is the Lean Six Sigma (Yellow Belt) course right for me?

Learning the Lean Six Sigma methodology is a great way to help you improve your capabilities as a leader in your organisation. The Yellow Belt qualification is the ideal starting point for learning more about the basic principles of Lean Management and Six Sigma.     


There are no prerequisites to start studying the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training course. 

What jobs could I get with the Lean Six Sigma (Yellow Belt) qualification?

Job roles available to individuals with Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt qualifications include:

  •    Quality Project Manager - £69k
  •    Supply Chain Manager - £50k
  •    Continuous Improvement Manager - £45k
  •    Technical Support Manager - £43k
  •    Business Process Analyst - £42k

(Source: Glassdoor) 

Why choose to study with us?

  •    Our training materials are accredited by CEPAS, a Bureau Veritas company
  •    Certified professionals are published on the CEPAS public register
  •    Course materials are heavily weighted towards modern day requirements for Lean, rather than heavy statistical analysis.  This allows a more practical approach to implementing methodologies.
  •    Volume discounts available for corporate clients
  •    Bespoke training to meet business requirements can be developed and delivered
  •    Price match guarantee
  •    Interest-free payment plans available
  •    Everything included in the price including examinations, certifications and mock exams
  •    Courses delivered by experts who have both industry and training experience 

Course Details

What are the Lean Six Sigma (Yellow Belt) course topics?

Day 1

  •    Fundamental Lean and Six Sigma principles
  •    The benefits of blending the two in a unified approach
  •    The DMAIC methodology
  •    Project targeting criteria
  •    What makes a great Lean Six Sigma project?
  •    Lean Six Sigma concepts and tools
  •    Key elements of successful Lean transformation
  •    Project selection
  •    Team roles 

Day 2   

  •    Voice of the Customer (VoC)
  •    Value Stream Mapping
  •    Value-Add versus Non-Value-Add
  •    Root Cause Analysis
  •    Fishbone Diagrams
  •    Lean Flows & Work Cells
  •    5S’s (Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardise & Sustain)
  •    Visual Tools
  •    Capacity and Bottlenecks

Lean Six Sigma (Yellow Belt) Exam

The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt exam demonstrates that you have earnt the necessary skills, knowledge and competencies.

Exam details

  •    Online, Proctored exam
  •    Multiple-choice
  •    32 questions
  •    Closed book
  •    A mixture of knowledge and insight questions and Lean Six Sigma statements
  •    30-minute duration
  •    75% pass mark
  •    Exams can be taken 24/7, depending on available time slots
  •    Scheduling for your exam can be booked up to 3 days after registering with ProctorU

We recommend taking the CEPAS Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Exam within the first 6 weeks after your course completion date.

Please note there is an Annual Maintenance and Recertification cost, which varies by location. Yellow Belt Annual Maintenance cost ranges from £14-£30. Yellow Belt Recertification cost ranges from £29-£59 and occurs every 5 years.

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